Does Better really need to reside in the Dock?


Hello, I’ve purchased both the Mac and iOS and am quite happy with them however I am disappointed that Better adds clutter to the dock.

I also noticed it is not necessary for Better to be running for the safari extension to function however will updates still be applied, etc. if Better is not running?

In any case, I would definitely like to see the app removed from the dock since it is in the menu bar already.


Hi @EnduroFever, thanks for buying Better, and thanks for the feedback.

@aral is currently working on the dock/menu bar icon options. It’s not a trivial task, but it is one of our priorities.


@EnduroFever Just to let you know that the latest version of Better for Mac now launches without the dock icon :slight_smile:


I just bought Better for Mac. Looks great! Only issue so far is that it appears in my dock. How do I remove it?


Ah, I see. When I close the app window, it disappears from the dock. Sweet. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you found that! Sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner, we were away for a few days. Back now, so let me know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:


Hi! Would it also be possible to hide the menu / status bar icon? I don’t see why it should be there. I use it maybe once a week, but normally even less. I think a background process would be better. You could have it show the app when one starts the app again. Many other applications (Muzzle, Scroll Reverser, … to name a few) give users the option to do just that and it keeps the menu bar neat and uncluttered.

I hope you will seriously consider this. Better works great in the background, so I (and I would guess many others) don’t need the menu bar icon either. :slight_smile:


Hi @sgo. It’s a tricky one, because many people using the app would not know how to find the app again if they remove the menu bar icon.

What we tend to recommend Bartender app to people who want more fine-grained control over their menu bar options.

Sorry that’s not the most helpful answer. But we are always reviewing how we display Better, so maybe we’ll look into it again in the future!


Hey @laura, thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know about bartender. But I don’t really like the idea of hacking the system or install other apps just to do away with unnecessary menu bar items. That’s simply bad design on the part of app developers who tend to put too much emphasis on their own apps. As a result, the user ends up with such problems (sorry to be so frank, I do highly appreciate all your efforts!). So that’s the reason I’m asking here.

You could make it so that users can choose to activate this option in the settings menu? I also don’t think that people won’t be able to find the app again. You simply start the app like any regular app, which brings forth the GUI if the background process is already running, and that’s it. No new paradigm to learn for the end user. No cluttered menu bar. Win-Win. :slight_smile:

If you do have plans for the app that require more interaction with the menu bar icon, by all means, simply ignore my comments. :smiley: But as of now, I don’t think the necessary interactions rectify a menu bar item. So maybe, when you’re reviewing the app again, you might be able to consider my proposal :slight_smile: