Does Better block trackers that steal user credentials


Does Better block trackers that steal user credentials as described here

E.g. trackers from and


I have the same question as Wim. Is there a way we could add these sites ourselves?


@aral blocked these yesterday. I’ll update the news section today.

(Open the app to get the latest blocking rules update.)

We’ve got these blocked with the rules ready to go, but are having some issues with our deployment server, and are just waiting for the hosts to get back to us. We should deploy these new rules today!


Done! You can get the updated rules by opening the Better apps.


Great! I really think you should make Better Blocker subscription based to fund the ongoing development of it.


We plan to do this, but it requires some development (and making sure we can work out something that’s fair for people who already bought the app!)


Ditto! You could perhaps implement a tip jar like some other apps like PCalc or Apollo do? Or an optional subscription-based tier just to fund ongoing development? I’d happily pay, I really wanna keep seeing Better in the long term.

Also, quick question @Laura. I understand if something is broken due to Better or if a site pops up with:
“You’re using an adblocker please turn it off” to email you guys but is there a better way to provide feedback?

For example, for websites where not all the ads are blocked (YouTube) or images don’t display correctly or there’s a bunch of white space.
I like how 1Blocker does it where you just send a report from the browser extension and it automatically fetches the URL etc.

I think there’s a way on here to do it through the forums but I’m not very familiar with forums so a email or report problem button would be nice.


If you add the URL to your Exceptions, an “email” envelope icon will appear alongside it. Pressing that icon will compose an email to us that includes the URL, and you can add any detail about what is going wrong.

Then I’ll get that email, check out the issue, and see what I can do about it :slight_smile: