Does Better block cookies and caches from Facebook


Hi, this may seem a strange question but I am puzzled by how “Better” works.

I access the internet using only two devices. An Ipad and a Imac. Both have “Better” installed and enabled. I only use Safari. No other browser is installed on either device.

I usually “manage website data” on Safari every couple of weeks and I always delete Facebook caches and cookies because I do not like facebook. I did this yesterday but today, the Facebook cache and cookies are back.

I have “Better” enabled in Safari extensions on both devices. Is there something more I need to do?

What I don’t understand is why despite having Better installed on both devices, Facebook can still installl chaches and cookies on my devices.

Sorry for asking such a basic question. I did try to google for a solution but of course, the word “Better” produces several million “hits”.

Many thanks, Lawrence


There may be some Facebook trackers we haven’t got hold of yet. We will run a major inspection soon so we can catch as many new trackers.

Just to be sure, do you use Facebook yourself? Or are these trackers coming from other sites?

It’s a great question, and something we need to be clearer about! We block as many trackers as we find, but because we base our blocking rules on the most popular sites, we inevitably miss trackers that come up on less popular sites. For this, we rely on people to report sites where they are experiencing issues.

And sorry we’ve not picked a very search-engine-friendly name!


Hi, thanks for reply. No, i do not use facebook as such, I do not have a facebook or Instagram account.

I use Twitter and very occasionally will access links which turn out to be links to Facebook. Our local council, for instance, uses facebook to make announcements.

The caches and cookies I continually find are as follows
I also see a cache called which I believe is connected with facebook in some way. FB cookies

Hope this helps, thanks again. I am enjoying using “Better” !



This is possibly why you’re collecting cookies. We can’t block much of Facebook when you’re on Facebook without breaking the functionality.

Still, I’ll look a little further into it.


Perhaps I misunderstand how “Better” works.
The only time I look at facebook is when I am unknowingly directed there by a link. I don’t continually access facebook. It only happens a couple of time a year.

I’m not “on” facebook in any sense of the term, ( I don’t sign in and have no facebook account)…I’m a little surprised to learn that Better does not block cookies from sites visited, as I had expected this was its prime function. I have obviously misunderstood the function of “Better”

Thanks for helping me understand “Better” a little “Better” !



Better largely blocks third party scripts and/or cookies because a person will usually visit a site on purpose, but not expect a second site to track them.

If we blocked first party scripts/cookies, Better would end up breaking things like login forms, language settings, video players, and other functionality. (In fact Better sometimes does break these things by accident because a lot of sites use scripts from other sites to provide this functionality.)


The reason why the cookies are created even you are no visiting the facebook page might be the facebook pixel which wasn’t blocked a few month back by better and the ticket on is still open. The according thread about the facebook pixel in here is the following one:


Thanks. I now understand that Better does not, in fact block cookies from sites visited.

Obviously a misunderstanding on my part !

Many thanks for clearing up this puzzle for me, it’s much appreciated.

Thanks again,



Thanks for your suggestion about it friend it’s really informative thread. :smile: