Do i Really Need a VPN for Netflix?


Hello Friends,

My country cant get Netflix, and LES is cheaper for a year than unblockus is for a month.

Is it okay to use my VPS for this purpose? Doesn’t matter either way, as I bought the VPS for other reasons.

Update: I have 2 best Guides on Netflix VPN, shared by one of my Friend from this platform


I don’t see anything unethical about using a VPN to access Netflix in a country where Netflix doesn’t get to, if that was your question.

The way I see it, seeing it as “unethical” could even be quite hard to defend. Though sadly net neutrality is currently seeing bad times, the internet is supposed to be the same for everyone, everywhere. It’s part of its core values. So using a VPN to bypass what could be seen as censorship can’t be unethical.

Incidentally, what country is it ?