Decentralising third-party projects will be removed on December 22, 2017

Hey all,

TL;DR: We will be removing third-party projects hosted on on December 22nd. Please migrate any projects you might have their either to your own GitLab instance (this is a great chance to help decentralise the Interwebs) or to one of the centralised hosts (e.g., GitHub).

We’re about to start on some spring cleaning at both to better support decentralisation and to cut our costs. This will effect any third-party projects that are currently being hosted on our GitLab instance.

We run our own GitLab instance for This is good.

In hindsight, however, there are two things we should be doing differently going forward:

  1. Mirrors projects on the main centralised platform (GitHub) to aid in findability / accessibility. The canonical location of our projects will remain on our own server.

  2. Stop hosting third-party accounts/projects to encourage decentralisation. We don’t ever want to become its own centralised node. We started hosting projects for others here to make it easy to clone the Better Blocker environment (which is made up of a number of components). And, initially, it was nice to see some folks start using our instance to host their own projects. However, the logical conclusion of this list that we start becoming a new centre. Instead, the goal should be for all developers to run their own GitLab instances. It is also becoming a financial drain for us and effecting the stability of our instance. Thus, we will be removing third-party projects before the end of the year and scaling down our hosting requirements and costs. Please migrate your projects to either your own GitLab server (this is a great chance to set one up and help decentralise the Interwebs) or to one of the centralised services like GitHub.

I will issue a message on next so all accounts on the server are aware of the upcoming changes. We will be removing third-party projects on December 22, 2017 to give projects a month in which to migrate.

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Do you mean December 22, 2017 ? :wink:

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It’s ’cos I’m living in the future, isn’t it? (Yes, I did; thank you for noticing) :slight_smile:

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