Communities at risk: How security fails are endangering the LBGTIQ+ community


“The LGBTIQ+ community must now be aware of the serious consequences that their online lives can wreak on their offline lives, as their data is used against them to track their location and movements, and gain extremely personal insights into their preferences, connections, and even their medical history.

This enables governments and companies to construct profiles of them, using these highly sensitive details to make inferences or predictions that may or may not be accurate. Increasingly, profiles are being used to make or inform consequential decisions, from credit scoring, to hiring, to policing.”

“Companies and mobile app developers are building systems that accumulate vast amounts of our data without proper regard to risk or security. They have a responsibility to protect the privacy and data of their users, especially for the most vulnerable among us. Instead, we have seen them commit a number of security flaws that expose the LGBTIQ+ community to increased persecution and the potential for further discrimination.”

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