Cloud storage


I like to know if any of you can recommend a good cloud storage solution? It would be great if i can use both mac and linux. I have tried Spideroak One, but it had too many technical issues, lots of crashes and spinning wheels etc.




If you are looking for a synced folder similar to Dropbox, I would recommend Tresorit. Files are always end-to-end encrypted and they operate as a highly trustworthy Swiss company. The downside is a relatively high price compared to the providers that are not as privacy-focused.

For more tech-savvy people — like you, I suspect — I would recommend the far more cost-effective Backblaze B2. They offer a service similar to Amazon S3, but at lower prices and run by a less abominable company than Amazon. With one of the apps among their integrations you should be able to set up a syncing or backup solution that is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and end-to-end encrypted. I have used Backblaze for backups and large-file hosting for two years and they have proven to be good internet citizens who practise impeccable ethics and whose professionalism shows in the technical details.


Thanks for your reply luk, i have looked at Tresorit and they seem to have a good solution, although at a price, it would cost me moore than 20 euros a month. I know of Backblaze but do they support linux ?


Backblaze’s own backup solution does not support Linux, but there are multiple apps listed that support backup on Linux to Backblaze B2 storage.

Duplicacy, HashBackup, and qBackup all natively backup to B2 from Linux and macOS. You could also build a script that runs rclone.

Or you could backup to a Synology NAS in your home and hook that up to Backblaze B2.


@Jonas I’ve been using a SeaFile instance working great for a couple of months. Recommended.

In terms of backup, using OSX I’ve been using an app called ‘arq’ to backup my files both locally and, this is interesting, on Google or Amazon. You may say “oh wait”, but the fun part is all of this is encrypted end to end.


I’ve been using Germany’s BoxCryptor “add-on” to Dropbox, to encrypt sensitive folders/data.
Works pretty well, though I need to remember to access certain folders through BC rather than DB sometimes.

I’ve looked at pCloud as well (Swiss SpiderOak-ish) service, but never got around to taking the plunge…


I’ve also tried pCloud, they seem fine, but to charge extra for encryption, feels plain wrong.


Have anybody tried


pCloud feels like a good alternative with room to improve (like 2FA). But I have to say I’m not sure what’s behind the company.


I’ve been using SMAC Cloud, Works pretty well for me