Clashes Over Ethics At Major Tech Companies Are Causing Problems For Recruiters


“The actions of a handful of individuals are unlikely to steer corporate policy, but the trend could signal a looming recruiting pipeline problem if the companies don’t change tack.”


Thanks for the good news. The developers / Engineers need to up the ante though. In my state we have an NSA datacenter and twitter just decided to add one of theirs NOT 15 clicks from the NSA datacenter. (funny how that goes, probably using the same hi-cap–fiber optic lines from the Twitter servers straight to the NSA servers). We need more than 10% of the geeks to get on board with eithical code and algorithims. Of course the management needs to get on board and Big Data is Big $, so I’m not holding my breath. They’ll (mgt) just hire off-shore engineers if they have to or pay more bonues to the local engineers. Money, money, money, that’s all that matters to some.

I left a rather lucrative position at a large multinational software company based out of Germany. I’ll give you two guesses as to who that might be :slight_smile: They’re unethical as hell and I’m not working that kind of job again if I starve to death. Now I was thinking about becoming a spy at an AI shop though :wink:

“The likelihood is fairly low that tech executives would be seriously concerned over a handful of engineers turning down job opportunities, says Will Hunsinger, CEO of Riviera Partners, a tech recruiting firm with offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. “For every engineer or executive that takes a moral or ethical stand, there’s 99 on the individual contributor side and nine on the executive side who are … going to engage with the company if that’s where they want to work,” he said.”