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Clarity is a decentralised communication device. Open source hardware and software for the better of humanity.

Atmosphere OS

Operating system designed for decentralisation.


Update: I got in, but had to allow cookies. I usually only allow cookies when “signing in” to some site. Couldn’t even browse the site otherwise.

I couldn’t get in, not even a splash page using my bastardized version of FF (not Tor, not vanilla FF & I use many rules from Better). I’m sure I could have used Better on Safari and seen something. Oh well, there are just some sites I don’t visit. If they’re espousing decentralized stuff, they might want to work on their webpage, and decentralize the sucker?

I tried, gave the site the benefit of doubt…

Via Li’l Snitch & JS scrips, Temporarily Allowed: (leary of allowing these clustered server farms) (leary here as well) (also allowed)

My Li’l Snitch rules perpetually block:**

So the site must depend upon one of these last two to fire.
(birds of a feather flock together, is that what this is all about???) I think about that frequently.



Oh, no fun, I didn’t go far but was ok visiting with Firefox + focus tracker blocker on.


Maybe they’ll get it togther someday? I looked at a few postings and many there had genuine concerns / suggestions for decentralization. The blockchain and Ethereum ideas seem cool.

Their website looks like a million buck$. I wonder where all those donations are coming from? I tire of opaqueness.