Checking for content updates failed 3 Jan 2018


Whilst checking for content updates I receive this message:

I also receive an error when trying to update the app. (Latest version install from the Mac App store.)


Hi @William_Wallace. Can you use the refresh button/icon to see if you’re still having issues getting the latest content update?




Hi Laura,

I’m still getting the same message, even after rebooting the internet router and my Mac. Note that I haven’t observed issues with any other network services.


Bill Wallace


Also, the app is reporting the last content & rules update as 29 September 2017. App version 2017.4


Hi @William_Wallace. This was an issue on our end where the server had gone down because the certificate had expired. (My fault!) I’m really sorry. It should be working now. Please let me know if it is not!


Hi Laura,

It’s now updating as expected. Thanks for your assistance.