Channel 5 can't play videos


Hi there, I’m new so hope this is in the right place.

I’ve found that the channel 5 website does not load videos at all when better is doing its thing. I know it has a lot of trackers n stuff on there so it’s not really a surprise it doesn’t work. Reloading without content blockers and it works as expected. Definitely not running multiple blockers, however I can say that uBlock Origin allows this site to work whilst blocking stuff still.

This is the page I first noticed the issue on: however the same applies to all pages on this site with videos.


This is exactly the right place, thanks @nastyfingers! And sorry for the problem using the Channel 5 site with Better.

I’ve reproduced the problem myself, so I’ve added an issue on our repository. We’ll get on it right away, and have you back watching Neighbours soon! (It’s been sooo looong since I’ve watched Neighbours, a real staple of my childhood!)