Cannot sign into Google accounts


When better is on you cannot sign into your google accounts via apps such as Hang outs. The App switches to the safari sign in page but you cannot tap on the account you wish to use as lots of things are blocked… took me a while to work it out, not sure whether you can do much as I guess Google need to track you signing in… just thought I would point out that…


Sorry about the hassle. We can fix this, we just need to work out which URLs has the problem. Next time you come up against it, can you send me the URL for the sign in page that comes up in Safari?



Ah yes of course it was


Hm. I can’t seem to reproduce the issue in a browser as-is. So I’ll have to try downloading one of these apps to see what varies!


It just loads have the screen and you cannot tap to advance. Hang outs probably quickest way to check. Let me know if you get stuck as I can log out and screenshot no doubt