Cannot login to certain websites


I cannot login to certain websites when better is activted in Safari.
Safari V 10.0.1.
Mac OSX 10.12.1

I cannot login here for example: (blank page, it works, when better is disabled)
same here

Is there a solution for this?


@ZOU thanks for the report. Better sometimes breaks a site’s functionality, especially with sites that have a lot of trackers.

We’ll have a look at these specific sites, and try to make sure that Better doesn’t keep breaking the functionality. You can track our progress using these issues I’ve opened:

We are also currently working on a whitelist feature for Better (for a future release), so that you’ll be able to turn off Better for chosen sites.

For now, you can either disable Better when using these sites, or reload the pages without content blockers by holding down the refresh icon in the address bar and selecting “Reload Without Content Blockers.” This works on both iOS and macOS. I’m sorry they’re not better solutions.


Thank you for the report. I can reproduce the errors on both sites and will look into it this week.


Hi Laura, hi Aral,
I still cannot login to : are there trackers at adobe?
How can I fix this?



Hi Dan,

Sorry it’s taken so long to get this worked out. You can now add to the Exceptions section of Better, and then you’ll be able to login.

We’ll keep working on trying to extract the trackers from the login process without blocking the login. This is a problem we’re having on a few sites!