Can we defend ourselves from Fingerprinting?



I tried no fewer than 14 extensions, using them one at a time, on Chrome to see if any of those would offer me some protection from fingerprinting… and it seems not.

I have two questions:

  1. Are these tests any good? Are they useful and reliable, or are they just games?


Panopticlick from the EFF

  1. If the tests are any good… is it because of Chrome? Has anyone had better luck with another browser or combination of browser + extensions / add-ons?

Many thanks!



Hi, yes, also known as “device fingerprint”

So, you’re saying that the only protection is with a VPN ?



A VPN doesn’t protect you against that. Fingerprinting is a complex thing and it’s very difficult to solve.

The best way to avoid it is using Tor Browser because it combines a lot of functionalities for that. From the Tor network (the effect is similar to a VPN but even better) to the size of the browser’s window to avoid being tracked with it and everything in between.

You can detect a device as unique using many things, that’s why this is a difficult problem. It can make use of the IP, the fonts installed in the system, the User Agent, the language, the size of the screen, the capabilities of the system and many things more. The idea is that every user has a very specific setup and they can be distinguished. The only good way is to convince a large group of people to install an app which lies in the parameters in the same way like Tor Browser does.

I think Firefox is merging some changes from the Tor Browser to fight against fingerprinting but that will take some time to be released.


Hi, and thx for the reply.

So, we should all start using something like this?

I tend to like the approach.

I also kind of like the idea behind AdNauseam(.io)

They want data? We give them fake data :slight_smile:


That helps but won’t eliminate the chance of the fingerprinting. It needs to fake many stuff more like screen size, installed fonts etc.
Also, some of them are directly taken from CSS and that’s more difficult to fake I think.