Cambridge Analytica Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Vaidhyanathan believes this is the perfect chance to re-frame the conversation. “It’s kind of like when we saw public understanding shift from concern about litter to concern about the environment,” he said. “We have the opportunity to help explain the situation as more of an environmental problem—privacy is about me… but surveillance is about other people, especially more vulnerable people, and the ways in which they can be exploited or manipulated through the use of vast collections of data and algorithmic governance.”


This is interesting to me as the web game my company are currently working on is related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Any such content is interesting to me.


How intriguing! What is the game?


It’s called Operation Silk Scarf (though OSS also has another in game meaning…). We currently have around 10 staff, mostly freelance with potentially a couple of part-timers starting end of the month. Plot: a group of hybrid animals and a “Master Priest” find an abandoned secret service base underneath a barn and use it to build maps of social media… Going through a very significant UI and stylings redesign at the moment. Exciting times…