Blokada - add and tracker blocker for android


Just stumbled over “Blokada”:

Aparrently (if I got it right) it keeps a big list of know ad- and tracker-Servers, and looks at all the DNS-Request from the phone, and just blocks all that are on the list.

They (say they are) financed via donations.

Blokada efficiently blocks ads, tracking and malware.

Found it via and took most of the info from this blog:



Wow, the German-speaking fediverse seems to be very exited about it! Lot’s of toots on that tag:

Also, what I learned, there seem to be similar apps, “dns66” and “netguard”, but I havn’t looked at them at all.

I don’t use a smartphone at all, so I personaly have no need, but I’d like to read about your experience and thoughts!