Blokada - add and tracker blocker for android


Just stumbled over “Blokada”:

Aparrently (if I got it right) it keeps a big list of know ad- and tracker-Servers, and looks at all the DNS-Request from the phone, and just blocks all that are on the list.

They (say they are) financed via donations.

Blokada efficiently blocks ads, tracking and malware.

Found it via and took most of the info from this blog:



Wow, the German-speaking fediverse seems to be very exited about it! Lot’s of toots on that tag:

Also, what I learned, there seem to be similar apps, “dns66” and “netguard”, but I havn’t looked at them at all.

I don’t use a smartphone at all, so I personaly have no need, but I’d like to read about your experience and thoughts!


Interesting. Their site doesn’t make it obvious, but Blokada blocks via a VPN (the only way to block trackers on a network level.) The problem is, by doing so, they have access to your traffic. So they can see everything you’re doing. (This is one of the reasons we don’t have Better blocking on the network level.)

If folks know them and trust them, that’s ok. But I’d keep an eye on who owns them, and how they make money!


Thanks for looking at it and giving your input, @laura !

I knew it uses a VPN but didn’t draw that conclusion, very good you spell it out so clearly!

(I just checke, the blog I linked mentions “uses a VPN” as a drawback, but only in “you cannot use another VPN”, it dosn’t mention “can see all your traffic” )


Just because they can, it doesn’t mean they will. But especially if they don’t have a viable funding model for sustainability, they’re likely to…