Blocking the "install our app" pop-ups on iOS Safari?


News websites often abuse iOS Safari’s pop-up-browser-bar to advertise yet another unwanted app so they may bypass our browser blocking, plus’s “get Chrome” pop-up. If these are blockable then please do so, or advise me if there is some other way. Thank you.


Ooh, that’s a good point. I’ve opened an issue for us to look into this, as I dread to think the level of tracking Google is doing with Google Chrome.

However, we’d maybe not want to block all instances of the iOS app pop-ups, as some of them are for paid apps that sustain perfectly ethical businesses. On a per-site basis, we may be able to be more specific (like with Google Chrome).


Any pop-up ad, especially one that opens another app (eg. the App Store), should be considered bad behavior and pop-up apps a security/privcy risk. If they want to advertise an app then they should put the link/button on their page like more responsible sites. Perhaps converting their pop-up-browser-bar into a legitimate app link on the webpage would be a reasonable middle-ground solution.


Generally I agree, but we’ll have to make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.

If you’ve got some example URLs of bad sites, send them my way and we’ll check them out.


Here is another google site tricking surfers into being tracked without mercy:

Google.CA bad actors


Thanks @PC, I’ve added an issue for this at


The website has found a way around blocking pop-up ads to other websites and auto loading the App Store when you click in a search field or on links on their website. To prove, simply go there and click (I recommend doing that on a safe browser with anti-malware).


Does this happen on iOS or on Mac? I’m struggling to reproduce the problem myself. If you’ve got a screenshot, that’d help too!

Thanks :smile:


iOS. It gets past 1Blocker too. It also happens on some other torrent sites like and … I could get some pix but it’s difficult to show because they pop open only when you click on a link or into a search field.


hey @pc
This happened to me too the last time when I restored my iPhone after a downgrade from iOS 12 to 11.4.
A clean reinstall of Better from the App Store fixed the crashes.
Did you try a reinstall?