Blocker Content not updating


I restored my phone two days ago from an iCloud backup, including Better.
The app crashed upon Lauch afterwards so I reinstalled it.
Unfortunately, the blocker content does not seem to update after the reinstall, even a reboot didn’t fix the issue.
Is there a way to force the update?
I love Better btw, keep up the great work!


Phone: iPhone 6s
OS: iOS 11.4


I’m seeing the same behavior with my iPhone. Also seeing an error on the MacOS version about failing to fetch update.


Thanks for the confirmation!
Upon checking on my Mac I can also confirm the error (see attached screenshot).

Does this look like a connection or server side issue then?


Thanks for the heads-up, all. The server went down. @aral just brought it back up again.

If you check again, updates should be coming in.


Hey Laura,
Thanks for the clarification, both my devices were able to update now.

Thank you and @aral for your outstanding work!