“Black Mirror” Reveals Our Fear of Robots and Algorithms We Can’t Control


“If the nightmare future depicted in shows like “Black Mirror” can be avoided, it will only come by asserting public oversight of the Silicon Valley companies whose policies are dictating the future shape of our societies — as well as our personal lives.”


I see the problem here with the copy-paste mentality, as much as anything, and that not enough people yet have a fluent enough grasp to innovate algorithmically themselves. While we as an internet populace have become exceptionally linguistically and pictorially savvy due to massive data-exposure, we are still unable to properly map and affect the manipulations that exist in our media spaces, and which turn much of it into sections of virtual echo chambers, with artificial limits placed on the nature and parameters of discussions. This must change, and I believe it is. I also believe, though, that it is up to all of us, particularly those who might be just a little ahead-of-the-curve technologically, to grow our abilities so we can properly understand on a technical level what’s occurring and not rely on the old guard media institutions to, as Charlie Chaplin famously spoke, “tell [us] what what to do, what to think and what to feel!”.

Imagine a world of algorithmic collaboration, where we negotiate the mathematical parameters that govern the many shapes of our online spaces not as the underlings of giant corporations, but as equals.