Better with Mojave


Hello Folks,

I have been using Better for a few weeks with good protection however recently 1. Updated from El Capitan to Mojave, also updated to the latest Better upgrade, I am now bombarded with ads,

Any help will be much appreciated.



Did you try removing the app and then reinstalling it?
[I take for granted that you’ve fired up the Mac AppStore and made all the available updates]

I’d do that using an app like AppCleaner to completely remove from the system (including “hidden” folders in the user’s library).


Hello KOoLiNus,
Thanks for your reply, I have deleted and reinstalled as suggested however still the same, so annoying as it had been working fine previously.




I suggest to run the free version of Malwarebytes for Mac to check if the Ads are coming from a “compromised” browser.

After the cleaning you can delete the Malwarebytes tool…


Hello KOoLiNus,

I use Malwarebytes as standard, have run a scan which is clear, in the meantime i have installed another blocker which seems to be working fine, however as I have already purchased Better would still like to get it back ti a working protection.

Thanks for your replies,



Hi @Charleefarlee. Thanks for your patience and sorry I didn’t respond sooner.

What is showing in Safari > Preferences > Extensions? Is Better Blocker enabled there?


Hello Laura,

Yes Better is enabled, it was working fine previously but since the latest update also I downloaded Mojave, it’s not been blocking.




I’m trying to work out whether it’s an issue with the app/system, or with the blocking rules. Is there a particular site where it’s different to before? Or all sites you’re visiting? If you could send me a link to a couple of sites where it’s not blocking for you, I can compare it to what I’m seeing.

We’ll get to the bottom of this! :smile:


Hello Laura,

I have attached two screenshots, one is from the Macworld Site which is given as a good example in your help pages, the other is my Outlook Mail account which has the annoying side banner advert.

Hope these help, please let me know if I can help further,