Better versus Safari Preferences and cookies dialogs om macOS


When using Better on macOS (from the Mac App Store), do my cookies preferences in Safari still matter of is Better sufficient protection from unwanted cookies? I have set Safari to allow cookies from the current site only (which causes problems on some sites, most notably with the Dutch Digital Identity site from the government!).

The same question for cookies dialogs on websites. When using Better, does is matter whether I allow cookies or not? Is it still useful to manually select which type of cookies (minimal, functional, advertising) I want to allow on websites that give me that option? I usually allow functional cookies.

Any advice is appreciated.


Hi @Wim.

This is generally a good thing to do. Also using Private Browsing mode wherever possible. Though, as you say, it can cause some issues with sites that use third-party cookies for vital functionality :unamused:

Better will block a lot of trackers setting unwanted cookies, but we don’t have 100% coverage (we’ve focused on the most popular trackers on the most popular sites) so it’s good to set strict cookie preferences as a backup.

Same answer as above. Better shouldn’t block functional cookies (if you find it is, let us know and we’ll get it fixed.)

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!


I am complementing Better with Cookie to remove all non-essential cookies upon quitting Safari. In the Safari settings, “Allow from current website only” has never caused me any problems and should prevent ad-cookies from coming through Better.

For the very commited people I recommend using JSBlocker as well to fight against fingerprinting and unnecessary loading of external resources.


Thanks for the tips. They are interesting utilities and SweetP seems to have other nice apps too. I’m not that committed though. Besides trying to stay safe on the web I’m also trying to keep the number of utilities on my Mac low. I recently did a clean install and now I want to keep it lean and mean. Each additional app requires additional learning and configuration and sometimes also troubleshooting.


Thank you for your reply. That helps a lot. I usually don’t use private browsing because I want to have my browsing history available and I also want it to sync via iCloud.