Better v2017.4 taking up > 99% CPU


Any idea why the Better process is taking up so much CPU? (Safari loaded or not)

Rebooting usually fixes it, but it tends to come back.

Running on iMac 5K (late 2015) / 10.13.1 / 16Gb


Hi @david.roessli,

Better should only be using CPU when it is updating the rules. Then, it is intensive very briefly, but should then stop. Is it happening for longer for you?


Thanks for answering @laura,

Yes, this time it stayed in that state for over 2 hours before I rebooted.

I’ve installed 10.13.2 since, and haven’t seen it use up any CPU at all.
I’ll keep an eye on it, and report back if it happens again.


if it happens consistently sampling the process might be beneficial for figuring out what is going wrong on your system. start the activity monitor, select the better process and then analyze process (alt cmd s). is the same like the sample command in the terminal in case you have installed the developer tools. might provide clues for aral what is going wrong there in case it is something persistent.


@rpk will do. Thanks.


Thanks @rpk, that’s a great idea.


The Better process is taking up 99% for over 3 hours now.
Here’s a sample of the process:

171219124500_Sample_of_Better.txt (74.9 KB)



Yikes. Sorry David, it shouldn’t be doing that. We’ll look into it.

(I’ve added an issue so we can keep tracking this.)