Better updates for Swift 4/iOS 11, Set update to remove runtime CoffeeScript dependency


Yesterday, @ekaitz submitted a pull request for Set ( that removed the runtime CoffeeScript dependency for Set, our unobtrusive JavaScript template engine. Thank you so much for your hard work on this. It will mean that more projects can take advantage of Set easily in the future. @ekaitz is now working on implementing a separate JS core npm package for Set so that it can easily be used with browserify.

Today, I worked on updating all of the libraries to Swift 4. You’ll now find swift-4 branches on all of them. And they should all work with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra except for Status Message Window which has a bug that’s an iOS 11 regression whereby the location of the message window is wrong on orientation changes. I’ll be looking into that in the coming days.

Also, the Better iOS and macOS apps now have Swift 4 branches. The macOS app appears to be working perfectly while there is a regression on the iOS app where the bar button items can’t be tapped. This should be an easy one that I’ll look into fixing tomorrow.

Now that the core libraries have been ported to Swift 4 (which was not necessary since you can mix Swift 3 and 4 in protest now; but it’s always good to reduce technical debt whenever possible), I look forward to implementing some iOS 11 tweaks in the coming days. Also, I want to look at better support for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge as well as test a little DNS-based system I’ve been playing with.



I’m a little bit busy these days but I think I’ll finish it during this week.

Tell us more about the DNS-based system system you’ve been playing with :smiley:

Keep on the good work.


Change your DNS to and then visit one of the sites listed on

Also, check out (e.g.) http://aral.indy :wink:

(I’m looking into OpenNIC – – it’s been going for ages and is quite awesome and could be the democratic identifier system we need for the Indienet. There are issues, though – like lack of SSL certs… which might be something we can solve with …)


Oh! Cool!
Blocking trackers by DNS, learning from the basic censorship techniques for a good thing!

That’s great!

You could also redirect to the page associated with the blocked tracker right?
Just to tell people why is that link blocked.

Pretty cool!


What app did you use for the screenshot looks nice.


It’s Mindnode. A really lovely app (though not cheap!)


Ah cool yes I’ve see that. I though it might have been a plug in for git or something. I am just trying out Milanote which is a visual research tool. It’s a bit like onenote but it’s web based.