Better update on OSX El Capitan sucks


after update I cannot start Better, it flashes a few times in status bar and then disappears. Restarting doesn’t help. I think the app it 100% broken at the moment for me!


Hi @Raaphorst, thanks for letting us know. I’m sorry Better is crashing. We’ve had a few other people report this issue on El Capitan, and we think we know what the problem is. Do you possibly have a crash report you can share with us so we can narrow it down?


@aral is working on it today, and we’ve got an issue open at in case you want to track it.


not sure how I can make a crash report in this cash. better doesn’t seem to crash, it is not able to run.


Ah ok. No worries, we’ve got a few reports all showing the same problem right now, so we’re fairly sure of the issue.


I’m also having this issue on El Capitan (10.11.6) after updating Better.

As a new forum user though it won’t allow me to upload the crash report or even send you a message @laura :frowning:


Hi @tom, sorry about the forum restrictions. You should be able to upload a crash report/send me a message now. I’ve also updated the restrictions for newly-signed-up people.

We’re working on a fix for the El Capitan issue, and we’re pretty sure we know of the cause.

Out of curiosity, I’d be interested to know why folks are still using El Capitan, and haven’t upgraded to Sierra, High Sierra, or Mojave?

We are currently working on how far back to support old releases, and don’t want to leave folks behind for no reason! El Capitan is the oldest release we can support with content blockers, so there’s not a way for us to support releases prior to El Capitan anyway.


Since I am doing music with dedicated soundcard, it can be tricky to upgrade. I have to wait for a while. But I guess I can soon upgrade to the latest OSX version after all troubles are solved.


On my oldest Mac it appears for seconds in the menu bar, then it disappears.
Opening Safari preferences the app tells me – in Italian – that it does not have the privileges to read or transmit contents from any web page…


Is this Mac running El Capitan? We’ll have this fixed in the next update (Aral is currently working on it. Due to the slowness of the Apple approval process, we have to bundle a few things into the next update.)

That’s by design. We don’t want to read or transmit your browsing content, we don’t want to see it at all, or want you to have to trust us! If you use any extensions that say otherwise, you should be suspicious of them!


Yes! I have two old machines running it … I’ll wait for an update!

As for the error message. I think it’s a bit equivocal since it has made me thing it was not working at all. Your explanation is way more clear and effective.