Better for macOS Sierra, coming soon


Better is coming to macOS as a native app. I just submitted the first version to Apple for approval. Fingers crossed, it should be out at the same time as macOS Sierra.

Better will also run on El Capitan with Safari 10.


Hi! I’m trying to understand something: on iOS I just install the app and activate in the content blocker on the Safari settings.
On MacOS, what’s the difference between the Safari extension and the app on the Mac App Store?



At the moment, the Mac app works in a very similar way to the Safari extension, but it comes with an app that includes the tracker and site lists, as well as news and statistics. In the future, we are going to add additional features to the Mac app that you can’t get with the Safari extension.


Ok, thanks Laura, bye.


Is it expected that the “you are unprotected” notification would display whenever the Mac screensaver is on?


This is a bug that’s fixed in the next release. Sorry for the hassle, those notifications are really annoying!


Congratulations! Better is my favorite App to block Ads in my Mac. Are you ready for new OS X (High Sierra)?


Very nearly ready. @aral has been working hard :smile:


Just btw., uBlock Origin (with all filters enabled!) is a nice option (& its alternative, Adblock Plus; with the Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper),

The moar important thing, with the Firefox browser - making it a unique tool, distinguishable from other web browsers - is the user.js file to control the about:config settings.

There’s a nice (!), very-well documented, file produced by Thorin-Oakenpants: previously hosted on gHacks, now on GitHub @

(And it makes all the difference in the world, allowing for a completely ad-free browsing experience. :))

EDIT: Their default file (still!) requires quite a bit of work, to get it to everyone’s preference; and so that it won’t break web sites, as it is primarily designed for the Tor Browser.

EDIT: Forgot to add, perhaps the most important aspect of the whole project is within its issues pages, Ideas for Android (how to inject the config files) #318 making it possible to inject the file onto a non-rooted Android device (!) & allowing the end-user advertisement-free, secure and private browsing… Using remote debugging to inject user.js preferences to Android Firefox



Yes, uBlock Origin is an ethical tracker blocker.

AdBlock Plus by Eyeo, however, is a product that makes its money by allowing trackers companies like Google and Facebook by default (and they get paid millions of dollars for doing so as part of their so-called “Acceptable Ads” policy that deems tracking and surveillance capitalism to be acceptable).


Needless to say, AdBlock Plus is not an ethical alternative if you care about your privacy. In fact, we made Better Blocker ( because an ethical native tracker blocker didn’t exist for iOS and macOS (which are the platforms we, ourselves, use currently).

That said, I’m not sure what relevance this reply has on a six-month dormant thread about the then-impending release of the macOS version of Better Blocker.