💙 Better for iOS 12 is now available on the App Store


We’ve made the app simpler, easier to use, and just as effective as before.

We’ve also made the app more affordable at $0.99, £0.99, €1.09—we want more folks to be protected on the web. You can read a little more about it on Aral’s blog:

Next up, we’re getting the macOS app ready for Mojave, and then we’ll have another iteration of the iOS app with further refinements.


The teaser images of the macOS update look great.


Thanks for the update! I like the simplified ui, the only thing missing in my humble opinion is a visual indication what version of the blocklist is used and if it is up to date. Cheers r.


We’ll have the blocking rule updates visible in the next app update. We just had to get the basic working app out in time for iOS 12, and took the opportunity to simplify it.

@aral has been working hard on the Mac app for Mojave, and once that’s ready for release, we’ll be back on the iOS updates.


ahhh excellent :slight_smile: the simplification was the right step, and the decision to bring the basic working out in time as well and is understandable. just good to know that the visibility of blocking rule updates will come back in in one of the next updates! :slight_smile: thanks a lot!