Better breaks Pinterest extension



I’m using both 1Blocker and Better to block ads, trackers etcetera. In some cases though I do initiate a specific share action through bookmarklets or extensions. One of these is the Pinterest extension. I’m OK with Better blocking the social sharing buttons on sites, but it now also breaks the self-initiated sharing button (Safari Extension). Is there a way to fix that? I’ve tried adding to the list of Exceptions but I’m guessing that would only apply to blocking stuff when I browse directly on (copy in the app is not clear on that).



Hi Maarten,

Sorry about this hassle. It does look like we may even be breaking Pinterest’s login form too.

Yes, it applies directly to the site, sorry that isn’t clearer. (I’ve added a note to us to fix this.)

I want to test this to get it fixed, but I can’t find where to get the bookmarklet, could you possibly send me a link of where you got the bookmarklet from? (Or some pointers of how I might do so when I’m logged in.)


Hi Laura,

I’m sorry - I mentioned the bookmarklet but it’s only the Browser Button
(like here:


Thanks Maarten. I got the browser button, and found exactly the same problem as you did.

I’ve added an issue to get it fixed, and I’ll keep you updated.

Thank you for all your help!