Better blocks Facebook object in Wordpress


see this page and see the sidebar. the Facebook object is not scrollable when Better is active. when I disable Better, it works fine. also with other ad blockers it is fine.


Is this still an issue for you @Raaphorst? It seems to work fine for me (and the same whether Better is enabled/disabled.)

If not, I’ll look into it!


I guess it’s a Safari issue. there’s no scrollbar in Safari when using the object, see for example the sidebar here

but not a Better problem I presume :slight_smile:


Ah, yes a Safari issue, but also we’re getting different results here. I get a scrollbar because I use a mouse. I’m assuming you’re using a trackpad?


A lot of developers just don’t test their sites in Safari (only testing in Chrome.) That is usually what issues like this are caused by!


ha, yes I am using a trackpad