Better Blocker: two year review and thoughts on the future


I just wrote up a little post on my blog reviewing what we‘ve achieved in the past two years with Better Blocker, where I feel we‘ve fallen short, and what I’d like to see us do, going forward:


Thank you for the summary, @Aral. Great to get these insights. :slight_smile:
I myself would be totally fine with a yearly subscription donation for example, I know that you guys need to run Better somehow and that it costs a lot. I am more than willing to support apps with the right mindset and yours is way at the top of that list.
Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the update and Indie’s ongoing commitment to Better. Much appreciated!

The model you’re thinking about indeed sounds interesting but risky. The one thing I have to think about since reading your post is whether and under which circumstances enough people would chose to subscribe.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had so far

  • I would prefer an option to pay annually instead of monthly
  • Finding a good price is probably relatively hard because to cross-finance those who won’t contribute, the contributors might have to pay a relatively high and maybe prohibitive price
  • What about offering different price points for different income groups / levels of willingness of support?
  • Is there or could there be something not related to the core blocker functionality that could be offered as a perk to subscribers in order to make a subscription more attractive? Just as an example from another app, the creator of a free OTP app offers the ability to use custom images for the stored accounts when you’ve bought it


IMHO making the service free would make sense only if:

a) you think you can significantly improve the service by the mere fact
of having many more people using it (which is not the case, I think)


b) you can afford a massive PR campaign that will tell everybody that
everybody is using it, to the point that everybody eventually will.

If not, I’m afraid “freemium” works only for VC-backed ventures.