Better auto-disables itself


So now I have two instances of Better.

Instance #1 is on my Mojave powered MacBook Pro.
Instance #2 is on my High Sierra iMac.

On both, after some time the is running, I see in the menùbar that the app is ‘disabled’.

If I click on the Enable/disable Better… button the Safari preference panel opens and I can see a √ that confirms me the browser extension is enabled,
I have to close and reopen the to have it running correctly…

How can I solve?


Hmm. That is strange! I suspect it’s something wrong with the disabled/enabled indicator not working, as the browser extension remains enabled (which means Better is “working”.)

@aral, thoughts?


If there’s a way to send you some logs I am ready to do so (just tell me how, via Console I wasn’t able to find anything useful).



any news on that? thanks !


Hey @kOoLiNuS, sorry for the lack of reply til now.

If you open the Console app and narrow the search down to “Better”, there should be some output there about Better. (particularly when it goes off). If you could screenshot it, or copy-paste it into here, that’d really help.

@aral and I just discussed it, and there’s two potential problems here, both which are dependent on Safari being a bit fragile:

  1. Safari is accurately reporting that the extension is off (Better gets its status from Safari) as it the browser has temporarily disabled it for some reason. This would be reflected in the browser where you’d see Better having no impact. Disabling and re-enabling the Safari extension would likely fix the issue (likely only temporarily.)

  2. Safari is inaccurately reporting that the extension is off. So when you turn Better back on, the Safari is reporting the status accurately again. I suspect this is the issue and that’s why Better is showing the correct status when you quit and restart the app.

This stems from there not being an API that Better can use to get the status of the Safari extension, so there’s a bit of a workaround to get the status. Either way, if we know more about it, Aral will either get it fixed, or we’ll suggest any workarounds while we report the bug to Apple.


ciao @laura!
Thanks for the reply … I am monitoring Better logs in … I’ll send them as soon as the app will tell me that is been disabled for some reason.