Better auto-disables itself


So now I have two instances of Better.

Instance #1 is on my Mojave powered MacBook Pro.
Instance #2 is on my High Sierra iMac.

On both, after some time the is running, I see in the menùbar that the app is ‘disabled’.

If I click on the Enable/disable Better… button the Safari preference panel opens and I can see a √ that confirms me the browser extension is enabled,
I have to close and reopen the to have it running correctly…

How can I solve?


Hmm. That is strange! I suspect it’s something wrong with the disabled/enabled indicator not working, as the browser extension remains enabled (which means Better is “working”.)

@aral, thoughts?


If there’s a way to send you some logs I am ready to do so (just tell me how, via Console I wasn’t able to find anything useful).



any news on that? thanks !