Better and stock trading sites


Hi there! I’m a new Better user, so please forgive me if I ask one of those “duh” questions.

I use TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab to trade stocks. Since installing Better, I haven’t noticed any change in the performance of the Schwab site. However, when starting the TDA site, my account information does not appear until I reload the page once or twice. If I navigate to another TDA page and return to my account page, I have to go through the same process again.

Any idea what’s happening here?


Hi @rossor, that’s not a “duh” question at all :smile:

Sometimes our blocking rules conflict with the way the site developers use third-party functionality. If you send me a URL for the site where you’re having an issue, I’ll look into getting it fixed on Better’s end.

For now, if you add the domain name (e.g. to your Exceptions, Better will be disabled on that site so you can continue using it without any issues.


Thank you! The domain I’ve added to my exceptions is

The specific page I’m having issues with is

I appreciate your help.



I’ll look into them and let you know!