Are Whitespaces Common?



Sometimes. I try to handle them where I can. These are both specific examples where I’ve looked into hiding the empty spaces, but the markup is written to deliberately prevent me from doing so.

For those who are nerdy and want to know more about the tech of it:

YouTube and Reddit are among sites that write/generate their HTML to specifically prevent the hiding of elements. They do this because they know the majority of blockers (not Better, but ABP etc) focus on hiding elements, rather than blocking their underlying JavaScript (like Better does.) They do this in a couple of ways:

  1. giving ads/trackers unique obscured IDs and classes like _3RPJ8hHnfFohktLZca18J6 (this example is from Reddit) which either change on reload or next time code is deployed, making it impossible to block long-term.
  2. giving ads/trackers IDs and classes that are exactly the same as necessary content, making it impossible to block without breaking other functionality on the site.

That being said, I think I might be able to squash the YouTube space, as they seem to now be using a blockable ID on the iframe for that ad. (Of course it could be an anti-blocker trick!) So I’ve made an issue and I’ll handle it in the next rules update: