Apple progress on privacy?

A lot of high tech, understood Bahnhof…

I’ve found this article which explains all of this in a more accessible manner.

Thanks Julian,
the provided explanation on topic is now clear. The implementation made by Apple into Safari seems to be clever and fair. The question is if the Bad Boys will not invent new tracking techniques to get your personal data, because this is what makes big money.
I’ll continue to use tracking blocker and we will see what the future brings, but I’m skeptical.

Sure, some people will work hard on circumventing all of this and the battle for privacy isn’t over yet. But I think it’s really powerful that a company like Apple works on things like this because i) given their enormous user base these changes will be felt by advertisers and ii) since the average Apple user probably is relatively wealthy and thus attractive to marketers, marketers have an incentive to look for other ways to reach this people.