Apple Is Removing 'Do Not Track' From Safari


“ Almost every internet browser has an option in its privacy settings called “Do Not Track,” which, if you turn it on, sends an invisible request on your behalf to all the websites you visit telling them not to track you. It’s been around for years, but as Gizmodo recently reported, it doesn’t do anything because almost no websites actually honor the request not to be tracked because the government never forced them to comply with it.”

“For that story, we asked all the browser-providing companies why they still had the option, given that it could mislead users into thinking it was actually protecting their privacy.”


Hi Laura,
I think this Safari feature is useless, so can be removed. There are just very few sites which respect this flag.


In case it isn’t clear, I agree.


Isn’t that like saying “very vew people respect the speed limit (e.g. for cars), so we might as well get rid of it!” ?


Your disease is short or long term?


Unfortunately not. Because, unlike speed limits, Do Not Track is not a legally-enforced obligation. If it were tied to GDPR, and considered a genuine way to convey consent, that could be a different matter.

But for now, it is the equivalent of a “Tidy Towns” initiative, only the people who really care and want to create a mutually-beneficial environment will opt into it (the sites who genuinely care about privacy and consent) but those who don’t care about their environment or the people within it have no obligation to get involved.

The majority of orgs who have no interest in honouring Do Not Track have no obligation to do so, and the fact that it is not widely known/understood plays into their favour. If they do decide to honour it for public relations purposes, it would make little difference because so few people know to change that setting in the browser. (I saw an example of this today in a tracker whose privacy policy said they honoured Do Not Track.) If all browsers enabled Do Not Track by default, this might be a different situation. But still, if it’s not legally enforced…

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Seems that Apple isn’t giving up completely the DNT a new version is in pipeline.

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