App Store vs. Safari Extension?


I’m new to Better. I’ve poked around (15mins) and I can’t seem to figure out the difference between the macOS App Store version ($5) and the Safari Extension (free). Which should I get started wth? Are both fully supported?


Right now, there’s not a huge difference. The extension is very basic, but it uses the same block list as the Mac app, so the primary function of both is the same.

But we can do a lot more with the Mac app in the future, and all new functionality will be added to the Mac app, and not the extension. Starting with our next release, where we will have an ‘Exceptions’ list where you can add domains you want Better to ignore.

The block list will continue to be updated as long as the extension exists.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions!


Hm, I think it’s currently highly confusing (some would even say misleading) that the Mac App Store app is just the Safari extension. I think it’s worth pointing that out in the app description as currently people think it would be a OS-scope blocker.

Maybe this is what you want to describe in the second paragraph of the app description. However, I understand it as “we brought the iOS Content blocker to the Mac” which for me means, the Mac app is a operating system wide blocker (“Firewall”).

Now I don’t think I need to explain why this makes a huge difference, so I hope you’ll make clearer what the app can do (protecting your privacy in Safari) and what it doesn’t (protecting your privacy in any other place other than Safari).

Thanks for considering the feedback. I love the app and use it daily on the smartphone and would love to use it on the Mac as well but since I don’t use Safari, the current app is useless to me now.


We’re working on the copy to prevent confusion. I’ve also just done a big rewrite of the Support page for additional clarification, that we should publish in the next few days.

In terms of the Safari Extension and Mac app, Exceptions will be in the next release on both Mac and iPhone/iPad (hopefully we’ll submit this to the App Store in the next few days.) With this functionality, there’s a major, more visible difference between the two.

We want to make Better for other platforms/browsers, and we will as soon as we have the resources.

As ever, thanks for the feedback, @helloanselm. It always helps us make improvements :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat. I searched all over the site and finally found this thread. I can’t figure out the difference between the Safari extension and the Mac app.

I’m on a Mac, and if the extension is essentially the same as the app, I would prefer to just install the extension, and send you guys $5 through a donate button or something. If the app in the Mac App Store now offers extended functionality, please advise.



Sorry @BocaJuniors, I’ll put this information on the Support page too. The iOS and macOS apps have now been updated considerably. So here’s the best way to explain the difference:

Both the app on the Mac App Store and the extension from the Safari Extensions gallery have the same blocking rules that protect you from tracking on the web. However the Mac app (and the iOS app) also have an Exceptions list so you can choose not to use Better on certain sites, and report sites that aren’t working well with Better enabled.

I hope that helps, and again, I’m sorry the information wasn’t easier to find!