Annoying bars on 2 websites



Since using Better on my iPhone I get an annoying message on 2 sites I frequently visit. The first is where I get a message about using an ad blocker on every page. The second is where every time I visit I get a big bar on top of the site that I need to accept their cookies (which I already have). Is there something you can do about this except whitelisting the sites? I mailed your support address a few weeks ago but haven’t heard back yet.



Hi @guido,

Sorry for the lack of reply via email, it looks like your email got lost somewhere.

We’ve got some other problems with, so I’ve added that problem to our issue here Unfortunately, as it looks like the issue might be down to poor development practices by the site developers, it may be tricky to fix. We’ll keep trying though!

With, I’ve added an issue here What’s happening on is that you might be using the button to select cookies, but because their cookie script is blocked by Better, you’re not really accepting the cookie. I’ll have a look into how we can just hide that notice.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for looking into it. They are both big news sites in the Netherlands so probably more people will be happy if they can get rid of the bars. But even if it doesn’t work out, Better is still the way to go.


I agree with you buddy