Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are paying big money to kill a California privacy initiative


“The campaign to pass the California Consumer Privacy Act is almost wholly funded by Bay Area real estate developer Alastair Mactaggart… He started working on the initiative about four years ago, after hearing a Google engineer say the public would be frightened to learn how much data the company holds on consumers.”


the California Consumer Privacy Act would require companies to disclose the types of information they collect, like data used to target ads, and allow the public to opt out of having their information sold.

I immediately thought of GDPR !


Looks like the idea is to have some similar regulation. It’s nice that someone is pushing it for the US too!


Why is Microsoft coöperating with GDPR? Because it has to, it’s law in Europe! M’s words sound so hypocritical and they are in conflict with blocking this Californian proposal. Well, it is obvious that these giants are afraid.