Alternatives to GoogleMaps?


ESRI / ArcGIS ? I’m still researching them. How ethical are these guys?

It looks like some US Govt sites use them (National Weather Service, US Geological Survey).

Development is free, but once you go live, it looks like there are costs involved (Same for google maps if your app hits them above some threshold). I’m looking for scrollable Topographic maps / views (base layers) for an iOS app.

Ah, they have a script (IP validation/tracking + who knows what else?) + script…Guess I’m answering part of my own question…

This location / map data is so important to the surveillance capitalism crowd…it’s just too valuable NOT to be tracked even with just your meta-data + maps downloaded (fingerprinting).


Hi Trout,

I’m not sure what exactly you are tryingt to do (I see you write it, I just don’t understand, but that’s ok! :-)), but in my opinin the alternativ to GoogleMaps ist OpenStreetmap ( .



Thanks Joachim,

I’ll take a look at

To give you an idea of what I was thinking about is an iO app similar to “MyRadar”. It’s essentially a GIS app. You obtain some kind of base layer (topographic map, satellite images, street maps, etc.), and add your “Layer(s)” on top of that base map as long as you can line up the latitude/longitude. Looks like I can obtain some of this from the US Geological survey (sorry, this data won’t do much good in Europe / UK, or anywhere else for that matter :slight_smile:

But as usual, their privacy policy is an UTTER LACK of privacy:

It seems like all these iOS apps or even web page “GIS” type sites use Google Analytics, Ads, Adobe tracking, etc., not to mention who else these companies sell your info to? Of course Google has some jim-dandy cocoaPods, so everyone seems to use them now, or their older APIs. It’s an uphill battle, but I’m still behind Ethical Design Manifesto all the way.