Alternative for contacts organiser? & merging information


I couldn’t find in the forum any alternative for contacts organizer application. I’m a Mac user, so I’m looking for an app that synchronizes and organizes contacts from your social media and from your phone for instance.
And even can link it to a mailing program? (alternatives to MailChimp?) But I think this must be asking too much :wink:
I wonder what do you use?

It would be great to make (and merge all info into) a new list of alternatives as the 'stopgaps-and-alternatives is not up to date. and other information is in separate posts. Who has time to merge the goood alternatives in one post?!


Not sure about the contacts part, but perhaps something like NextCloud would help? NextCloud also has document storage/sharing and integrates with Collabora for simultaneous editing. You can host it yourself or use a provider (I think there are some listed at the NextCloud site, however, there will be privacy concerns with any hosted solution).


Also, Framasoft an interesting place to look for alternatives. It is a French association/community that hosts a whole bunch of useful services. Some adapted or developed by themselves, some just rebranded. E.g. their Diaspora service is called Framasphere and their “dropbox” service is called Framadrop.

I like their mindset. All services are offered free and consistently display three informational items on the landing page: basic usage, what software runs behind the scene, and how to participate in the development.

And what is not to love about their de-googlify campaign? (Especially if you enjoyed the Asterix comic books as a child.)