Alternative, ethical, secure domain name registrar?


I get asked a fair bit about who to use to register domain names. “Not GoDaddy or 1&1” is my stock reply but that’s not very useful.

I use DomainMonster just because they’re relatively cheap for some names but they’re not very secure. I have started using, as they have 2 Factor Authentication, but I find their setup a bit confusing.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

On a related topic, I note that @aral wrote about Cloudscale a while ago (Feb & March), and I’m curious as to why he chose them over someone like DigitalOcean?

thanks, Jake


I’m sure @aral will give you a little more insight on why we use Cloudscale (though we do also use DigitalOcean.)

Domain-name wise, we use iwantmyname. They’re brilliant. I recently transferred a load of domains over to them from Gandi, and it was really easy. Buying and transferring domains with iwantmyname is a great experience.

They also have 2 factor authentication, although it’s based on a phone number which can be tricky if you have two people in an organisation that do domain name admin. I end up bothering Aral by sending authentication messages to his phone!


Thanks for this, much appreciated. Trouble is, I live on a hill and text messages are a good walk away from the wifi reception!! Looks like they use the Authy app for 2 factor authentication, will investigate further.


Oh yes, you’re right. They use Authy, and a mobile phone number is just a backup form of 2-factor authentication. Actually, I should look into Authy!


I’m a big fan of I’ve been using them for many years. Their customer service is amazing, and when you call them, you are answered by a real human!


FWIW I managed to get Authy working after a few trips up and down the hill, all fine now. The support at was excellent :slight_smile:


Great topic! It is always tricky to find hostings, and I was glad to see @laura recommends DigitalOcean. I have used several dodgy platforms in the past and recently discovered DigitalOcean myself. Way better! Keep the great posts coming…have learned a lot around here.


Hey Katharine, good to see you on here :slight_smile:

We are actually moving away from DigitalOcean as much as we can – all our latest work is hosted on – it’s more expensive but (a) it’s based on OpenStack (which means that there’s no lock in – we can move to any other host that has OpenStack easily), (b) it’s not based in the US but in Switzerland (privacy, etc.)


Thanks! :smiley: I was just wondering because I have to find a hosting for the Theoretical Physics group website. The CloudScale option sounds good. I will look into it. Thank you for the good advice.


Hi Aral, I just checked CloudScale and they are way steeper than DigitalOcean, if money are an issue would you still support DigitalOcean assuming server location is in “friendly” countries?