Advisory Panel


To help us draft the technology pillar and to add legitimacy to our work, we will be creating an international advisory panel of experts in the field of ethical technology.

The names below are the initial ones, off the top of my head, that I’d love to have on the working group.

Please add any suggestions, thoughts, etc., you have in the comments.

Important criterion: no one with financial links to Surveillance Capitalism will be considered. So please don’t post any Google or Facebook employees, or people who indirectly get paid by such companies. e.g., Mozilla gets all of its money – about $370M a year – from Yahoo! – a multi-billion dollar people farmer. (They used to get it from Google.) So they are one degree removed but wholly reliant on Surveillance Capitalism for their existence. Similarly, the W3C is basically the standards body of Surveillance Capitalism and so we won’t be considering any candidates from there. Those are just a couple of immediately obvious examples. Given that Surveillance Capitalism is the mainstream model of technology, it may seem that this limits us somewhat but it is essential for us to protect our integrity and stave off the influences of institutional corrruption. When in doubt, please post your suggestion and we can carry out due diligence based on the above criteria. Ideally, our candidates will either be independent or members of organisations that have taken a public stance against Surveillance Capitalism and who do not benefit financially from it.

Privacy notice: Please do not post contact information for any possible candidates here. (A link to their web site or their work – , articles, Mastodon/Twitter, etc., is fine but no email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) We will be in touch for your help in contacting them if necessary.

Key: * = people I know and/or can easily contact.

For more suggestions, please also see the comments on the original version of this post on the DiEM25 forum.


Pardon my shamelessness as to ask to join such an illustrious circle of personalities, as we recently tweeted we should really have this conversation. My name is carlo von lynX, I’m a developer/thinktanker of secushare and GNUnet, an Internet replacement and a distributed social network that runs on it. But most of all I’m the main contributor to the #youbroketheinternet regulation proposal for a constitutional Internet which could serve as a building block in the process of demanding an Internet as it should have been from the start.

Disclaimers: I used to be well integrated in Internet business, but refused to go along as it slipped deeper and deeper into the surveillance economy. To my understanding of German law, what Faceboogle does is illegal — and I can’t believe nothing is being done to stop this unlawful development. I’m a member of the Italian Pirate Party. Also, I’m in the advisory group for the Next Generation Internet consultation of NLnet and the European Commission.

Some further reading that isn’t as formal as a law proposal:
A Web Respectful of the Constitution is Possible
The Internet is Broken: Idealistic Ideas for Building a NEW/GNU Network


Hey Carlo, how lovely to have you here. Would be wonderful to have your participation and advice.

The list above our initial list of suggestions. I look forward to getting in touch with the names on it soon and will include you in the correspondence.

Thanks again for reaching out! :slight_smile: