Ads on Slickdeals


Hello, big fan of Better. The issue is I’m seeing a recurring theme lately with ads getting through on both iOS and Mac apps on

I don’t know what SD is doing because the ads are also getting passed the other content blocker I use on Mac. Perhaps you can have a look? thanks.


Thanks :smile:

Are you accessing the site from the EU? It looks like there might be a difference in accessing the site from the US (and elsewhere) vs the EU. I don’t seem to be seeing any ads, whether Better is enabled or not…

Any chance you could stick a screenshot in here so I can see what I’m looking for?


From the US version.

I’m not sure how ad/tracking works exactly…if it’s of any help I observed couple things on the mobile version, it seems that most third party domain connecting to SDs are obfuscated on Safari by looking at the DNS requests, the odd thing is, this is not the case with the couple of other browsers I tested, in these cases they’re able to block the ads…holding down on the ads reveals all of them are from the same Google owned domain here’s the screenshots from the desktop version of Better hopefully they load correctly.


Thanks, that’s really helpful. I’ll check this out tomorrow and see what I can block.


After some deeper inspection, this site is awful and I would recommend against using it. They try to block blockers at every turn, including loading in a significant load of tracking first-party (making it impossible to block.)

For now, I’ve hidden their ads, as I can’t block them outright. (Update will be out later this weekend.)

However, because they are still loading in all this junk on to the page, because we can’t block it, it’s making it very hard for me to debug the site and do simple things like hiding the empty ad boxes, because every time I open the web inspector, the whole page crashes after a couple of minutes (and my MBP is a pretty capable machine!) I don’t know the extent of what they are loading in, but I can tell you it is unlikely to be good!

I’m going to keep the issue open and try to handle the rest of it at a later date.


The update to the blocking rules is now out. Please let me know how it works out for you!


Much appreciated! Looks like the ads are hidden just as you mentioned in the description and mostly solved, the device just needs to pull down the latest mobile ruleset. as if I needed another reason to recommend Better. Thank you for all you do!


Thanks @PrivateIndividual, that means a lot :smile:


Hello again, I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now but been too lazy… something is breaking the layout or format of the website and only disabling JavaScript seems to fix it, I know you were going to take another look at a later time but just thought I’d bring this to your attention, thanks for all you do.


so that was my blocking rule that was breaking it. I’ve disabled the rules on Slickdeals for now, so unfortunately that means that the ads are there to stay. It’s because Slickdeals is using an adtech service called Instart Logic, which runs the whole site in a way designed to prevent blockers.

We can’t currently work out a way to block this and protect people from the tracking scripts it hides. I’ve spent days on this, it’s very frustrating! We’ll keep working on it, but if you visit a site that uses Instart Logic, we recommend you avoid it in the future until they stop trying to prevent you from protecting yourself.

These sites currently include:

See the issue I’ve opened about Instart Logic for ways to detect sites that are using Instart Logic.