Account-based crowdsourcing map as a way to determine yourself which content to consume


Doozyrama map was created as an alternative to traditional business-oriented maps which totally control their places’ database. In contrast to them in Doozyrama all places are added by people (without pre-moderation) and places quality is determined by voting (like on Reddit, low rated places are hidden).

Simply, it’s a decentralised map, where each account is a unique map within a global map.

As places are contributed by people, it’s a good opportunity to fill up the map not just with regular places, but with very that places people are interested in, such as street art, viewpoints, abandoned places etc, which are often missed on traditional maps.

Everyone can create account and start creating his own map which will be a part of the global map based on his interests.

More info here:

Of course it’s a free app:


But is it actually decentralised? I’m assuming the map is located on Doozyrama’s centralised space somewhere? And is it free and open, rather than just a “free app”?


What is your business model for this free app? Are you based in China? Where is your privacy policy?

Well I do like the idea of the discovery and it seems like you have experience with gamification. But why didn’t you build this as an extra social layer on a open and extensive database like the POI nodes from OpenStreetMaps?


Hey laura, the map is decentralised in terms of places database building process. Each account creates places, people decide themselves which accounts to follow to see their places by default on the map. As the map consist of places contributed by many accounts, no one can self determine a set of places, which people will see on the map.

As for decentralisation of servers, I find this idea sweet. If there will be a demand on it, we will prepare everything needed. It might save us some money as well.

It is not an open source app at the moment.


Hey jelle,

  1. Currently it’s not a business, it’s my personal project and all costs are on me.
  2. Haha, I live in Berlin, not in China.
  3. The privacy policy is kind of standard one and is available in the app: My profile -> Settings -> Terms of Use & Privacy policy.
  4. Gamification is a mechanic to make map creation more interesting. My goal is to create account-based crowdsourcing interactive map. Using POI from OSM doesn’t meet the project’s idea.