Accessibility For Everyone Audiobook

My brother and I made an audiobook of my book, Accessibility For Everyone. If you’re interesting in making the web more accessible and inclusive, and you like an audiobook, you can get it on Audible:

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Hey @Laura,
This is great news, I am a big fan of Audiobooks myself and I am looking forward to listening to your book!
Do you have any plans to offer it on iTunes too in the future?

Thanks! Unfortunately I’m locked into Audible right now (awful monopoly) but I may be able to find a way to send it to friends who don’t do Audible :wink:

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Sounds great, thank you for the info!
I usually prefer to pay directly for my content, at least when it comes to Audiobooks, so if there is a way for me that doesn’t require signing up for an Amazon service to purchase your book, I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:.