About the tracker wp.com


One question about the tracking by wp.com. I ran into that topic in the WordPress polyglots channel. One user asked why he is unable to approve new strings on translate.wordpress.org. So far I’ve not even considered that there might be any tracker at all on a translation platform for an open source project. But the solution and answer was he should disable the add blocker. That raised an eyebrow for me and I went into the console and noticed quite a few trackers blocked by Better. Well I haven’t had any problems suggesting strings there on my own but anyway Better lists Google platform.js two times, Google Analytics one time, wp.com two times and quantserver one time. When I go to the tracker description in Better it states for wp.com that the tracker monetises you and you should use the self-hosted WordPress version.
Oh the irony, but translate.wordpress.org is the self hosted non commercial open source version. So I wonder are there any differences what informations are polled on wordpress.com by the wp.com tracker to the one taken on translate.wordpress.org? Cuz so far I always thought wp.com is only tracking sort of usage statistics and they don’t do any monetization with their users? On the other hand why there is an need for four different types of trackers at all on a translations platform with no adds visible at all - wouldn’t be Google Analytics enough and why that Quantserver thing at all? I am a bit confused and unpleased about that discovery at the same time. Thoughts anyone? :confused: